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"Fon teknike vidipunta sey proyekta es realisibile yo nau."

~ Lingvadeplanetisto


Eraro estas aro de eroj. Ĉu vi vere ne scias la signifojn de "aro" kaj "ero", idioto? Ho ve! I admit that I am feeling a tiny bit of anger about you. Why? Esperanto is an important part of my cultural identity. It's my everyday language with my beloved ones. It's the language I write my songs in. It's the language I dream and think in. It is also the language that defines a community I am part of. The way we are using the language, the idioms, the way we are using its grammatical features, all that is forming this feeling of belonging to a cultural community.

Now you come along and look up "eraro" on Neciklopedio. You, who has obviously ­– I can tell that from the way you are using the language ­– zero or closed to zero experience with the culture of Esperanto. You look up "eraro" and say: "What do you think?" To me this is a disrespect against Esperanto and its culture. The fact that Esperanto is probably the easiest language around, does not mean, that any beginner can do the very most difficult discipline of foreign-languageing as if it was some kind of exercise.

Esperanto deserves a little bit more respect. If you want to use Esperanto as a cultural language you have to be part of Esperanto's cultural community so that you can use the language appropriately. Well, if you want to contribute to the Esperanto community, fine. Still I expect readers, who want to read about the Esperanto community, that they have a certain amount of competence in the field they are reading about. Don't you think so? Do you think the Esperanto community has to welcome any reader? I don't.

So if you are looking up words on Neciklopedio, when you clearly have a lack of competence in Esperanto culture, and then ask in public for comments, I will comment, that I'd expect some basic competence, experience and understanding of Esperanto culture, when you want to read Neciklopedio.

So let me suggest something else as an exercise. I am an editor of Wikipedia ( How about writing an article about your professional topic in Esperanto. For that you don't even need competence in your professional topic, let alone competence in Esperanto culture. Quality issues due to language skills are generally no problem there. The learning effect is way bigger and still you make a contribution to the Esperanto community.

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